Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday at the Beach

Just in case Beryl isn't as calm as expected (and tonight the estimated mph of the quickly arriving storm has increased again), I went to Ormond Beach this morning for a quiet walk. The birds didn't seem terribly worried, and the sunshine interspersed with breeze and clouds made this holiday weekend about average, weatherwise. This evening on a return trip I spotted an Orlando Channel 9 ABC truck on Ormond Beach and Channel 6 at Flagler, so the storm might yet become newsworthy locally. As I'm uploading a few photos, the wind and rain have picked up at home. But before the storm, I joined the gawkers along Florida's northeast coast, watching the clouds turn the skies darkly dramatic and the surf splash against the pier. My internal clock told me in no uncertain terms it was time to go at 7 p.m., and I trudged to the car. By the time I knocked the sand off my sandals, the rain began. I outdrove the cloudburst heading south, but it's caught up with me now. So, in case those power outages spread farther south than expected, I'm uploading some friendly photos tonight of the avian company with whom I shared a beach walk this morning and a few more of the quickly changing skyline this evening. Perhaps tomorrow I'll have "aftermath" photos.

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