Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Casimir Effect: A Film in Progress

A few months ago I found this little trailer about Casimir Effect, a film in pre-production in Cardiff, Wales. As a Gareth David-Lloyd (Ianto Jones on Torchwood) fan, I'd heard about this project late last October, when the actor participated in the Hurricane Who convention in Orlando. I'd had a chance to talk with him briefly about the project, and he seemed eager to discuss it. Once I checked the trailer and corresponded with Gabriel Strange, a driving force behind the film, I could understand why.

On the surface, Casimir Effect pushes my SF, requited/unrequited love story, and independent film buttons. I'm interested in the time travel premise, and the characters sound interesting. What intrigues me just as much, however, is the approach the writers and producers are taking to getting their film made and noticed.

Their website


lets fans, the film industry, and potential investors look behind the scenes of this production. Getting an independent film made is increasingly difficult, and the Casimir Effect writers and producers gain their funding from people interested in seeing their short film succeed. Through eBay auctions (about which I'll write in future blogs), merchandise, and donations, people just like you and me can ensure that this film is made.

As an added perk to feeling good about helping promote independent film and new talent, all donors can have their names listed in the credits. (Yes, I want to see my name on screen--and this is likely to be my only chance. That's Lynnette, with 2 N's.) I always regretted not joining the Lord of the Rings Fan Club early enough to be listed in credits--a very nice touch by Peter Jackson. Casimir Effect gives me a second chance.

If you haven't seen the extended trailer, check it out on YouTube:


I'll be writing about Casimir Effect and my upcoming set visit in subsequent blogs. If you want to read my blog site devoted purely to this film project, go to


Please note that I'm not officially affiliated with this film or anyone associated with it. As a film student and fan, I like to write about new projects that take my eye. Casimir Effect has done that, and I hope you'll become interested in it, too.

All About Myself

What a pompous title for a first blog, right? Be forewarned--In this series of blogs, I'll be writing mostly about my current interests. Usually those include the TV series or films I've just seen, books or articles I'm writing, and projects (again, mostly about film, TV, or books) on which I'm working or which intrigue me.

You might also be wondering about the "Books, Films, and Me" title when I write that I'm a university prof who teaches courses about writing and communication. Think of my blog being about books, films, and, of course, me, and the title doesn't sound quite so strange.

Currently I'm focused on four separate work areas:

My real job as a teacher

My books-in-progress, such as a book about science fiction TV heroes, villains, and monsters and a book about Tolkien's hobbits

My just-published books, such as the third edition of Lost's Buried Treasures (Sourcesbooks, January 2010)

A film currently in pre-production that has absorbed my interest: Casimir Effect

For the immediate future, my blogs will be centered around those. I hope you'll enjoy reading them, commenting on them (but please, play nicely!), and sharing them with readers, filmgoers, fans, or anyone else who might enjoy them.