Sunday, April 10, 2011

Introducing Deep Focus

In film, deep focus is a photographic/cinemagraphic technique that creates balance or equal weight between objects in the foreground and those in the background. In PopMatters, Deep Focus is my new column that features the important people who aren't always front and center: actors who may be extras or have a less-emphasized role in the story than the stars, scripwriters who created the action and dialogue, directors (especially of independent films), costumers and designers, choreographers, make-up specialists, composers--so many people who also play important roles in getting a story out to the public.

I want to feature those people, their work, their passion, and their insights into film and television.

In a global entertainment environment, audiences should also appreciate nuances between the industries internationally. The way the U.S. industry works is different from the practices and standards in place elsewhere, and the behind-the-scenes infrastructure in the U.S., U.K., Canada, New Zealand, Australia--or anywhere else--is an exciting story in itself.

During the coming months I plan to introduce you to some intriguing faces who may be new to you but who know their profession well. They will help you learn more about the roles of professionals who work behind as well as in front of the cameras. They will share their experiences and perspectives on what is happening in television or film today. I've met so many wonderfully talented people during my travels, and I want you to meet them, too.

The first column, about actress Paris Benjamin, is now up on PopMatters at The Last Time I Saw Paris . If you like Paris, or like what you read, I hope you'll Like the column or tweet about it.

If you're interested in being featured in Deep Focus or learning more about the column, please contact me via Facebook (Lynnette Porter) or post a comment here.

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