Friday, December 17, 2010

End-of-Year Thank Yous

Throughout the year my family and friends help me out in ways big and small, from the indignant reply on my behalf to a hug just because. They send me links to weird eBay listings or photos from our old hometown. They listen to my prattling about my latest SF obsession and don’t roll their eyes too often. They’re there for me when I need them, but they also give me enough space to be myself (which, I admit, sometimes requires a lot of space). I remember to thank them. After all, they’re my family and friends.

But I also need to thank several people who made my 2010 special by doing something unexpected and kind, going out of their way to make a connection with or for me. I don’t even know everyone’s name, but I remember your words or your face or your deed. In case I didn’t say it at the time, thank you for

Sending me homemade cookies and fudge (which I’ve been enjoying with my morning coffee)

Telling me you liked something I wrote

Sharing my words with others—with a post, an email, a friendly note

Sending me a YouTube link that made me laugh (and snort that morning coffee)

Inviting me to a room party! With pizza!

Smiling and coming over for a hug when you entered a crowded room

Shaking my hand on the last day of class

Opening the door when my arms were full

Guiding me to the best Welsh cakes ever

Stopping to fix my flat on a busy highway

Giving me your last throat lossenge

Meeting me for a lunch that turned into an all-day city tour

Squeezing my shoulder on a bad day

Pointing out a rainbow I didn’t see because I was looking down

Giving me a stamp when I was one short

Thank you. It may have been a small, inconsequential moment or act for you, but it meant a lot to me.

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