Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas is for the Kids

Stocking stuffers are a big deal in our household. On Christmas morning, the stockings get our full attention, long before that first cuppa. This year they overflowed onto the carpet, and even Elvis' doggie stocking was fully loaded. Mine contained a Star Trek combo pack of Gorn and Kirk, as well as plenty of chocolate. My sister-in-law's stocking had the ominous lumpiness of a coal-filled warning, but Santa rewarded her with four bags of her favorite, Rollos--opened so that each was a "lump" of chocolaty goodness. (I hear she was very good this past year.) Santa left a Star Trek film book for my brother among the bobbles and baubles. Those gifts set the theme for the "grownup" presents opened after breakfast.

Let's see--Among us were Frodo and Gandalf plushies, Rudolph with blinking red nose, Star Wars calendar (to remind someone of work deadlines; theoretically, we are of age), Gorn bobblehead, Star Trek book (with gift card for more SF books), a Kirk tree ornament, and a Doctor Who novel. We're looking for Boba Fett headgear on sale today (got to put those gift cards to good use).

My niece was wowed by daywear for work, slinkier outfits for evenings (and New Year's), perfume, and jewelry. See the pattern?

The afternoon morphed into evening with a marathon of retro TV and the occasional MST oldie (a highlight: Joel's skewering of Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, that "classic" featuring a very young Pia Zadora). Of course, when we were kids the first time, we didn't get giggly while sipping 18-year-old whisky.

Maybe we've skipped that dreaded "middle" stage and landed gleefully into second childhood. Like a hobbit's second breakfast, this later opportunity helps us fill up the corners by reliving past glories, albeit with much glitzier tech, and savoring new treats. If this holiday weekend is for children, I'm very happy to be one of the kids.

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