Friday, June 18, 2010

Captain Jack Gets a Tan

While surfing several news sites this morning in the name of "research" for a couple of new projects, I happened upon two interesting tidbits about Torchwood's upcoming season. Both indicate that the new production will be based much more in the U.S. than anywhere else, whether LA is one of several international locations or simply dressed as global destinations.

EW's Ausiello reported on the 16th that "the show will shoot a chunk of the season in Los Angeles. Captain Jack's going Hollywood!"

John Barrowman reportedly told a U.K. magazine that "...I'm now going to do Torchwood in the States. I'll have to spend six months there."

Six months does indeed sound like a "chunk," given that the new season has 10 episodes. The series seems to be an LA-based production, although I, and undoubtedly lots of other fans, still hope that Cardiff makes at least a guest appearance. One of the reasons I loved Torchwood was its Welshness. I feel worse, however, that the lovely and talented crew in Cardiff have one less series to provide them work, even as I envy the U.S. crew who now will get their shot at the series.

I'm also going to miss the coat, but I don't want Captain Jack to die of sunstroke, even if he'll come back. Good thing he can tan to his heart's content without worrying about permanent skin damage. I wonder if he'll have tan lines.

So the recent news is gradually filling in the blanks of the initial announcement, but it is sure to disappoint long-time fans who want Torchwood Made in Wales.

My next assumption is that filming will start post-panto early in 2011 and the series have a June premiere. Perhaps, while Captain Jack's alter-ego is in the U.S., he'll schedule a concert date or two--or a fan convention somewhere midcountry where his fans can hear him sing.

Just a thought. If I find anything else Torchworthy, I'll be sure to post it here.


  1. Ugh. This whole thing being in the U.S. and NOT in Wales with a completely different setting and mostly different cast.

    I just...can't. I like the fandom, but the show's completely different now. I feel like there's no where to go but fail from here.

    This show's really made me pessimistic.

  2. Just catching up with this blog, so a bit late to comment, but I did just want to agree with Alice, this makes me depressed as well. I used to be such a fan of this show for the first two seasons. CoE did kill it for me, and I was shocked that it was all destroyed so nihilistically, but would have understood if that was the end.

    There is something very cynical and miserable about a lovely quirky little Welsh show going Hollywood. I assume the cull of the cast, when they had barely made the number of episodes that are in one US series, was a cynical move to enable turning it into a hollywood enterprise with suitably shiny white teethed young people starring.